How to sign the Gorizont Liability waiver

  1. Fill out the form
  2. (THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL – НЕ ПРОПУСТИТЕ !)  You must go to your email and forward the email you received after step 1 (titled “Gorizont Alpine Club Liability Waiver”) to  The act of forwarding this email is your electronic signature.
Note1: you must use your own email address.  If using your spouse’s email addresses for club membership, you will have to use the paper waiver option.
Note2: if your email address ends in .ru, please arrange to have somebody from the club send you an email first – email sent to the club from unknown .ru addresses seems to get blocked by our email provider.
Note3: you must forward the email to us from the same address that you specified on your club membership application.  To avoid confusion, we recommend that you use the same email address on both forms.
If the above does not work, please try filling out the form a 2nd time.  As a last resort, we offer a paper waiver option.