Grand Teton, 2017

As probably a lot of people already knows quite unique astronomic event will happen over US territory on August, 21, 2017. It’s a full solar eclipse.
There is good site where you can find all the details – starting from the places where you can watch the eclipse and and useful tip how to prepare and what to expect.
Although it is possible to simply drive to Oregon coast to see eclipse providing supporting wether forecast we are thinking if it is possible to watch eclipse from the top of the mountain.

At the moment Liudmila Sudanava and Elena Hanajenko are planning on visiting Grand Teton NP for watching eclipse.
Climbing Grand Teton on eclipse day would be a dream goal but it is a technical peak which is almost 14000 high so it is required strong and prepared team.
There are other fine mountains like Middle or South Teton that have scrambling routes that can be climbed.


Sunday, August 13 – August 22 (on Sunday more chances to find a campsite. Campgrounds are  first come, first serve. No chance to make reservations ahead.)


There are many mountaineering and see-sighting opportunities in the area.

People of different skills can join the trip and organize outings based on their interests and skills level.
Visit/trek to Yellow Stone NP (~130mi/2.5h from Teton) also can be done on this trip for interested parties.
The main objective for the group, initiating this adventure, is technical alpine ascents (long scrambling approaches to remote multipitch rock climbing routes of 5.4-5.8 grade)
Trip will consist of two parts: acclimatization climbs and ascent of selected mountain.

Getting in (driving or flying):

Sun, 8/13 – arriving and setting up camping.

Part 1 – acclimatization:

Mon, 8/14 – getting backcountry permits for the selected area, approaching base camp

Tue, 8/15 – climbing

Wed, 8/16 – climbing

Thu, 8/17 – returning to campground

Fri, 8/18 – rest day

Technical climbing:

Option 1 – Lupine Meadows trail leads to many good climbs.

Option 2 – Inspiration Point via boat on Jenny Lake

Option 3 – Mount Moran via canoe on Leight Lake

Non-technical treks and scrambling:

Option 1 – Cascade Canyon-Paintbrush Canyon trek

Option 2 – check out this link “Top 10 hikes in Grand Teton”

Part 2 – ascent

Sat, 8/19 – re-set, prep. day

Sun, 8/20 – approach day

Mon, 8/21 – ascent and returning to campground


GRAND TETON, Exum Ridge (link)
Backup 1 – Avalanche Canyon
Backup 2 – South Tetons


Option 1 – scrambling  Statick Point or Buck Mountain

Option 2 – scrambling Prospector Mountain

Option 3 – going up by lift at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort at Teton Village

Going home:

Tue, 8/22 – driving home.


rock climbing skills at 5.10 level
lead belay
working as rope team of 2 or 3
trad following
multipitch rappel
packing for walk-off
coiling and carrying ropes
rappel off a ledge
rappel with 3rd hand
tandem rappel
self-rescue basic skills
belay escape
munter hitch rappel
ascending a rope

follow safety protocol

To sign up for technical climbing, member has to be well known by the leaders of the group and actively participate in climbing events (see Training Schedule page).
Experienced climbers are welcome to form their own team(s) and be fully responsible for the team safety.
Technical leaders have full authority to accept or dismiss members from the climb.

For non-technical ascents, members are responsible for planning and organizing their own hiking agenda.

To sign up:

– send an email with your desire to participate in expedition and questions to,

– fill out the form Grand Teton Sign Up Form 

Facebook event will be created to keep everyone updated and have opportunity to form hiking/climbing parties.

****Other mountain options for watching eclipse: 

– Mount Jefferson, Oregon, it would be probably hard to reach the top at the end of August but south summit shoulder is accessible
– Smith Rock, not a mountain but fine rock climbing destination, can be hot in August
– Gannet peak in Wind River Range, it is highest peak in Wyoming and the one that is require 20-30 miles approach with scrambling route to get to the summit. It can be interesting mini-expedition adventure but would be harder to change plans if weather won’t cooperate